Achu Normad – Ma Yetegho 2 Release

A Unique Approach to Afro Jazz and World MUSIC, rooted in pop. Rhythm and Soul, blending together melancholically to create extreme Uniqueness. The Song Ma Yetegho 2 is Written and Performed by Achu Normad under the label AKUMBA MUSIC, and it is a depiction of in-depth Afro style Pop.

The Artist – Achu seeks to illustrate the pop side African music using his Uniquely soulful voice and Percussive Approach of guitar playing. Achu’s playing style blends with his soulful voice in highly Spiritual and rhythmic manner peculiar to the grassland people of Northwest Cameroon. The entire ensemble fuses nicely with some Flute, Saxophone and some exotic Afro-Peruvian Percussion.

The Song itself Ma Yetegho 2 (Meaning “I Hail you”) is a follow up to Ma Yetegho 1, released in December 2016 and it is in the Ngemba Language, spoken by the Mankon People of Bamenda, Northwest Cameroon. The Artist in “Ma Yetegho 2” talks about giving Reverence to this mighty being(Yahweh) for unending love and endless blessings showered on him. Artist Website: facebook page: Artist Website: Twitter and Instagram: @AchuNormad